Amy Graff of SFGate, the Hearst-owned website sister-site of the San Francisco Chronicle, writes that Bob Hope's UFO-shaped Palm Springs estate, which hit the market at the astronomical price of $50 million in 2013, has finally sold at the more down-to-earth price of $13 million. 

Designed by Modernist architect John Lautner, the concrete, steel and glass house with a swooping copper roof was meant to resemble a volcano but the futuristic design makes it look more like something out of the Jetsons. The home’s 23,366 square feet include 10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.  Outside, you'll find a swimming pool, tennis court, pond with a waterfall and expansive swaths of bright-green lawn edged with desert landscaping.

The late Bob Hope was an English-American actor and comedian best known for his performances that put smiles on the faces of American soldiers. He died at the age of 100 in Toluca Lake, Calif., in 2003. Hope and his wife, Dolores, had an impressive real estate portfolio that included three properties in Palm Springs, with this one being the most iconic and famous.

To read Amy Graff’s original article and view the accompanying pictures, courtesy of SFGate, please visit: lestate/article/Bob-Hope-Palm-Springs-estate-sells-UFO-Lautner-10616467.php#item-44548