The California Assocation of Realtors® and  have identified these four mistakes that many sellers make when selling their homes:

·         Your Home has An Odor: Believe your Realtor® if they say there is a smell, whether caused by smoke, lack of cleanliness or pets, that needs to be removed;

·         Your Home Is Too Personal: Realtors® suggest both decluttering and making your home as neutral as possible;

·         You Turn Down Showings: Be as flexible as possible for showings and work with your Realtor®, because Buyers aren’t going to make an offer if they can’t get in to see your home: and

·         You Hang Out During Open Houses: Buyers want to tour your home, open closets and drawers, speak freely with their Realtor® and generally imagine themselves in your home and not feel that they are going to be confronted by the Seller.