An interesting segment from Good Morning America this morning on improving the value of your home.  Some of their ideas: (1) improve curb appeal (in this case by painting the front yard fence); (2) get rid of dark and vibrant colors inside the house (in this case burgundy walls in the master bedroom); (3) declutter and depersonalize inside the house (in this case removing some family pictures and plants); and (4) changing furniture to give the illusion of more space (in this case replacing a large red sofa with 2 smaller sofas and accent chair).  Some additional tips: (1) smell counts (they recommend using scented candles, fresh flowers or baking cookies); (2) make sure online photos are taken with proper lighting and angles; (3) consider including some furniture with the sale; and (4) consider moving furniture (as opposed to changing it) around to give the illusion of more space.