According to Houselogic and REALTOR® Magazine, sellers whose home aren’t in top condition may need to invest some extra money or put in a little work to get their home in market-ready condition. They pointed out three repairs that could save a sale:

Fix Flooring Flaws:

  •         Most buyers don’t want the hassle of replacing carpet and may not be willing to accept a credit to cover the costs after the sale.
  •         While refinishing hardwood floors  is expensive (on average about $3,000), sellers can expect to recoup 100% of the cost at resale.

Repair Water Stains:

  •         Old water stains from repaired water leaks can mislead buyers into thinking that there is a current problem.
  •         Ceiling water stain repairs cost about $670 on average to repair; drywall repairs cost $1.50 per square foot on average.

Touch Up Grout:

  •         Yellow or cracked grout can be a turnoff for buyers.
  •         Bathroom re-grouting can cost from between $1 to $2 per square foot up to $10 per square foot for more complex jobs.