According to the California Association of Realtors® and Porch, the home services platform, the top 5 essential amenities that home shoppers say are must haves are:

  1. 82% of home shoppers say central air conditioning or heating is a must have;
  2. 58.5% of home shoppers say that a private patio or backyard is a must have;
  3. 41.9% of home shoppers say that a guest bedroom is a must have;
  4. 32.3% of home shoppers buyers say that walk-in closets are a must have; and
  5. 31.7% of home shoppers say that a good orientation is a must have.

Food for thought. Would you have picked these 5 as must haves? What else would be a must have for you? As a home seller, how important would it be to highlight any of these essentials in your home to potential buyers?