This heartwarming story from the New York Daily News is about Bretagne, who at 16 is the last known surviving 9/11 rescue dog and who tirelessly helped sniff through Ground Zero for human life.  Bretagne recently returned to New York ahead of today’s 14th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

The white-faced golden retriever was flown up from Texas with her hero handler and owner Denise Corliss as guests of honor thanks to website BarkPost and mission-driven luxury hotel, 1 Hotel Central Park.

"Responding to New York City was our first deployment," Carliss, of national disaster group Texas Task Force 1, told BarkPost of their mission to provide relief to the first wave of 9/11 responders. Bretagne was just 2 years old at the time and as Carliss recalled, her playful-puppy demeanor paid off.

Upon first catching sight of the immense destruction, Carliss said she was momentarily stunned. Her trusty companion on the other hand, couldn't wait to dive in.  "I just couldn't believe the magnitude and then I looked down at her and she seemed stoked and ready to work," Carliss recalled.

As their relentless, 12-hour days went on, she said their work went from search and rescue to recovery efforts.  Throughout the physical and emotional turmoil, Bretagne often took it upon herself to serve as a comfort to firefighters and first responders. With a nudge of her snout she's credited with breaking the strongest stone faces.  That included Corliss'.  "I was just so grateful to have a canine partner that helped me get through it," she recalled.

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