Like Amazon’s online shopping and delivery service? How about having them deliver your house to you? Inman’s Dani Vanderboegh writes that MODS International has just made their shipping container home extremely easy to order through Amazon.

As seen on the Amazon website, Amazon and MODS International are making a 320-square-foot shipping container home available right from Amazon’s website, for $36,000 plus $4,500 for shipping. 

Somewhat reminiscent of the Sears catalogue homes of the early 20th century, Amazon will ship this tiny home, complete with appliances, bath fixtures and pluming, water and electric hookups, All you have to do is add it to your cart.

But Dani warns not to look for a discount on Prime Day, as this 7,500-pound item will take longer than two days.

Check it out in the pictures below:


To read Dani Vanderboegh's original article, courtesy of Inman News, please visit: Amazon Delivers Tiny Homes