This Desert Sun article takes a look at a new 25 year, $104.4 million, master plan recently unveiled for The Living Desert.  In addition to more restrooms, shade, misters and dining areas in the park, planned new exhibits include:

  • A 200,000-gallon shark tank and 60,000-gallon reef tank in the Treasures of Cortez, which will also include a pool where visitors can touch and feed rays while playing a digital scavenger hunt on a smart phone.
  • A long-talked about lion exhibit will be situated in the Crossroads of Conservation area, which will be built first and moves the main entrance just south of the administration building. A new Endowment Garden and hyena exhibit will also be featured.
  • An exhibit that will take you Down Under to mingle with wallabies.

For more information and pictures please read the article, courtesy of The Desert Sun, using the link below: