The Desert Sun’s Skip Descant looks at a new Coachella Valley restaurant guide, “Dinner With Avery”, written from a dog’s point of view. Avery is a 4-year-old Wheaten Poodle who was rescued by Eve-Marie Andrews and Warren Hill. 

“Dining With Avery” is a guide to more than 50 restaurants across the Coachella Valley that are viewed as dog-friendly. While not an exhaustive list, it will get you started. The listings, which include each restaurant’s address, hours of operation, website and brief description also lets you know how fancy the eatery is, given the number of “Woofs” Avery assigns it. For example, a coffee shop gets one woof, while Cuistot, the Palm Desert French restaurant, gets four Woofs. Here, to further enhance your pet’s visit, the chef will prepare a special meal fit for a Canine King. 

In addition to restaurant listings, arranged by city, “Dining With Avery” also includes a small section on etiquette for dog-owners going out on the town and a section on what foods are toxic for dogs. We’ve all heard about chocolate being deadly for a dog, but grapes and raisins can be trouble as well.

“Dining With Avery” can be purchased ($14.99) from Avery’s website at Andrews will also host a book-signing at a brunch at Oscar’s Café in Palm Springs on June 18. The two-course “Pooch Brunch,” with seatings at 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., will include unlimited mimosas, entertainment and prizes. 

In a related article, Skip mentions a great, though far from exhaustive, resource for travelers with pets; the website This website enables pet-friendly searches for accommodations, restaurants, pet services, events and other information. You can refine your search with filters like “pet fee less than $25,” for example. 

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